One Stop Operator-Closed

The Grundy Livingston Kankakee Workforce Board in partnership with Kankakee County is soliciting proposals to provide one stop operator services for the Kankakee Workforce Services office which is the designated one stop for Local Workforce Area #11 under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.


Inquiries regarding this RFP should be directed to Ladonna Russell via email at  Questions must be presented in writing by 4:00 pm on April 4, 2018.  Questions other than those presented in writing by the due date will not be entertained.


Proposals are due by 12:00 p.m. on April 25, 2018.   Proposals should be submitted in electronic formal via email to  A receipt will be emailed when a proposal is received. If proposers do not receive an email receipt it is their responsibility to contact the Workforce Board to verify receipt of the proposal.


Questions & Answers

Q: Might the attachments be posted or emailed out in word so that they can be worked with and incorporated into the proposal? 

A: The attachments have been posted as a Word document on the website.



One Stop Operator RFP

Budget Template

RFP Attachments


One Stop Operator Procurement Information

In March 2018, the Workforce Board released a request for proposal (RFP) for a One Stop Operator.  The RFP released was sent out to organizations, published in the newspaper, advertised on the Workforce Board website including posting questions and answers. 

There was one proposal received from Kankakee Community College.  The Workforce Board evaluation committee met to review/score proposal in order to ensure it met the requirements of the RFP.  At the June 2018 Workforce Board meeting, the board voted to award the One Stop Operator Contract to Kankakee Community College in the amount of $20,000 to begin July 1, 2018.

The One-Stop Center is located at 450 N. Kinzie Ave, Bradley, IL 60915 and is called the Kankakee Workforce Services office.

Abstract of proposal received –

  • Coordination of One Stop Partners as delineated in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  • Develop a seamless integration and availability of services across all required WIOA Partners in the One Stop Center. This roles purpose is to reduce the silo effect for each partner program.  It is to create a more unified service integration approach for the customer. 
  • Convening of WIOA Partners and other interested parties quarterly to continue the coordination of services, continuous improvement, and/or identify professional development training for staff. Operator is responsible for convening meetings, creating agendas, facilitating meetings, and recording of the minutes
  • Develops, implements, and track partner referrals. This includes developing referral standards, referral follow up requirements, and reporting of referrals
  • Develops One Stop Center marketing/outreach plan for individuals and business customers.
  • Promote the adoption of creative and innovative methods and best practices in the delivery of services
  • Perform continuous improvement activities to achieve high levels of service quality and to enhance customer service.
  • Develop and maintain a One Stop Center policies and procedures manual across all partnering agencies, i.e. broad operational guidelines for the center.
  • Working with the Workforce Board, develop a reporting metrics dashboard to report on One Stop Center outcomes.
  • Advises and assists the Workforce Board on all items relevant to One Stop Certification.